Our Sauces


Our new plant produces a wide variety of textures and meets the specific needs of industrialists and the catering industry.

“Our tool is able to manufacture a wide range of fresh sauces: mayonnaises, salad sauces, vinaigrettes, marinades, ethnic sauces, with herbs, vegetable or fruit pieces, low-fat or cottage cheese based.

The sauces have many uses: sandwiches, dippers, topping for salads, reheatable, out of phase marinades to accompany carpaccio.

We also produce ambient sauces with longer shelf life, in small and large series. Our concern is to be always very reactive. We rely on a reliable tool that ensures traceability of all production.”

Luce Mollimard, Quality Manager.


For supermarkets, we offer all kinds of packaging such as cups, sticks, sachets, tubes, bottles, squeezes or even jars, ranging from 4g to 1kg. 


The food industry is one of our biggest markets. 

Our sauces can accompany sandwiches, catering salads, ready-to-use salads, meat, seafood, et


Our portfolio includes sandwich shops, collective catering, traditional catering, hotels, cafeterias, thematic chains and fast food.

Menu &
Co Brand

A special distributor brand

In order to better meet the expectations of independent restaurateurs, we have launched a range dedicated to distribution.

Our range has been designed to facilitate the preparation and implementation of chefs, while maintaining quality products.

Our Menu&Co range (simplified product sheet, only photo & title) :


Comexo manufactures and packages about 300 recipes, which cover 4 main families of sauces: mayonnaises, salad dressings and vinaigrettes, cold sauces and reheatable sauces…

But also specific recipes such as : 

Comexo is also a laboratory of ideas capable of innovating and anticipating trends. Thus, every year, in autumn and spring, two new collections are launched.

We therefore offer solutions that are totally adapted to the constraints of each of our customers.

“In 2001, we wanted to develop our own salad dressing. The specifications were both simple and complex: it had to be specific to us and be able to be used as is in our restaurants.

After sample tests, Comexo’s experts created a completely new salad dressing, which was an immediate success: our customers often ask us if they can get it! 

Comexo also provided us with a unique packaging system, which guarantees an identical formula and dosage of the dressing per bowl of salad. What we appreciated in this collaboration was a global concept: the design of a totally customized product, far from the “catalog” logic, which allowed us to enhance the Buffalo touch, and an associated service perfectly adapted to our expectations.”

Frédéric Bertrand, Buffalo Grill Purchasing Director.